About Harriet Scott

About Harriet Scott

POSTED ON Thursday, October 27th, 2014
Dr. Scott lived with grandparents for most of the first ten years of her life and has had a continued interest in helping elders live rich and full lives in spite of serious and multiple physical challenges. She has practiced social work in Sioux Falls and taught social work in local colleges for more than 40 years. She has been involved in programs to serve all ages, from child day care through End-of-Life services. She has been involved in many community agencies as a direct service social worker, as a supervisor, as a trainer, and as an administrator. She believes that adults should be able to choose where and how they want to live and can assist individuals and families in finding the resources which allow these choices to be the experience of aging.[ READ MORE ]

“Geriatric Care Managers Help Families with Caring for Loved Ones”

Inundated by the logistical tsunami of coordinating a loved one’s care, many families are finding answers in one person: a professional geriatric care manager. Specializing in aging and elder care issues, a geriatric care manager is a health and human services professional who helps guide and advocate for families caring for older relatives and disabled adults. [ READ MORE ]

Senior Care Management & Consultation Adds Staff

Karen Brokenleg, BSW has joined Senior Care Management & Consultation as a part time Care Manager. Karen graduated from Augustana College Social Work Program and has been a Social Worker in Sioux Falls hospitals and at Good Samaritan Luther Manor as the Director of Social Services. She has organized and continues to be the facilitator for the Sioux Falls Area Brain Injury Support Group which is co-sponsored by Sanford and Avera Hospitals.

Karen shares the direct work with older adults and family members with Harriet Scott. She is also assisting in the interpretation to community members about the range of services available through senior care management.

Additional part time social workers will be added, as needed, in the future.

Sibling Disagreements about Parent Caregiving

Only does this disagreement create friction within the family, but the writer has serious concern about the needs of her mother that are going unmet. Being a “caregiver from afar,” she has been depending upon her “local caregiving” sibling to report to her the needs of their mother so that together, they might decide how to meet those needs. Her sibling does not respond. What should the concerned daughter do?

This is not an unusual experience within families with several siblings, but probably more pronounced in smaller families, where the caregiving resources are fewer and thus, the parent is more dependent upon the available caregiver(s). Negotiating among caregivers, while highlighting the preferences of the elder parent, is a service need that Senior Care Management is prepared to meet. Short-term or longer-term help can resolve differences among concerned relatives while helping the elder parent continue to maintain as much independence as is desired and possible.

A free consultation about issues such as sibling disagreements about caregiving may be helpful to be sure that all interested caregivers can contribute their concerns, and decisions about their parent will provide the parent with the best options available. Please call Senior Care Management & Consultation (605-940-4419) to arrange a free consultation session for you or for multiple family members.

“How Can a Geriatric Care Manager Help Me Take Care of My Elderly Father?”

Taking Care of my elderly father, with his complicated medical care, has become more than I can handle. A friend suggested I hire a geriatric care manager. How can this person help?  Caring for an elderly parent takes a lot of time, energy and patience, and it may also cause financial strain.                           [ READ MORE ]