About Harriet Scott

Harriet Scott, Ph.D., ACSW, CSW-PIP

Dr. Scott lived with grandparents for most of the first ten years of her life and has had a continued interest in helping elders live rich and full lives in spite of serious and multiple physical challenges. She has practiced social work in Sioux Falls and taught social work in local colleges for more than 40 years. She has been involved in programs to serve all ages, from child day care through End-of-Life services. She has been involved in many community agencies as a direct service social worker, as a supervisor, as a trainer, and as an administrator. She believes that adults should be able to choose where and how they want to live and can assist individuals and families in finding the resources which allow these choices to be the experience of aging.

Continuing to serve the Sioux Falls region, Dr. Scott has developed the first comprehensive professional geriatric care management service to advance the independence and autonomy of elders. This service also ensures the highest quality and most cost-effective range of services to help individuals and families cope with the challenges of aging and elder care.