1. Who is a Geriatric/Senior Care Manager?
Answer: A Geriatric/Senior Care Manager is a health and human services professional who helps families who are caring for older relatives or friends.

2. What does a Geriatric/Senior Care Manager do?
Answer: Geriatric/Senior Care Management is a relatively new professional in the geriatric/senior care industry who assists the older person (and usually his/her family) to find the types of care/services needed/desired to make it possible for the older person to continue to live independently and continue to participate in their family and community. http://www.longtermcarelink.net/about_care_manager.htm

3. Does a Geriatric/Senior Care Manager focus on social and psychological needs of the older person and family members, or is their primary focus only on the medical needs of the older person?
Answer: “Geriatric/(Senior) Care Managers integrate health care and psychological care with other needed services such as, housing, home care services, nutritional services, assistance with activities of daily living, socialization programs, as well as financial and legal planning (e.g. banking, trusts).” (from Wikipedia) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geriatric_care_management

4. Why won’t some older people accept help when they need it?
Answer: Individuals have their own idea and expectations of themselves and the people who are close to them. They know their own wishes, but cannot always understand the motivations of the people around them. Understanding by all involved is needed. http://www.lifelinesys.com/content/blog/healthcare-professionals/acceptance-and-adherence/why-wont-seniors-accept-help

5. Many families expect that a parent can live with their children when they can no longer live independently. What should be the concerns that are explored before accepting responsibility for your parent(s) move into your home?
Answer: There are many questions that should be explored, both from the perspective of your parent(s) and from the perspectives of the family members into whose home parents may be moving. It is important that you not ignore problems that may arise and not make a hasty decision. http://www.aplaceformom.com/blog

6. Who should be involved in decision-making when planning the care that is needed for your parent(s) or other older persons.
Answer: Most parents would expect that all of their children should be concerned about them and would want all of their children to participate in planning for their care. However, there may be reasons why some children will not be able to participate meaningfully.